Warrior’s Soul Inc.

A Healing & Learning Center

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Why Equine Guided Education?

Equine Guided Education provides a supportive learning environment for participants to learn about themselves, heal what has been broken, and reconnect to what has heart and meaning.  The horse is the guide in this process of learning, reflecting and exploration.  The Equine Guided Educator as “Educator” cultivates the integration of mind, body and spirit through interacting with a horse chosen specifically for that client and his/her issues.

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Welcome to Warrior’s Soul, Inc. a Healing and Learning Center. 

Mell LaValley and Dawn Batti are Certified Equine Guided Education Facilitators.

“The mission of Warrior’s Soul is to facilitate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. By utilizing the unique interaction created between horse and human, there are a multitude of ways we are able to assist individuals and their families, including military personnel and veterans. We provide our services with excellence, integrity and the most up to date resources available.”